If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email or call us on 0818 252 500

Do you deliver nationwide? We provide free doorstep delivery nationwide across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Do you install safes? Yes upon request. We can quote depending on the size and weight of the safe and whether there are flights of stairs or other obstacles for where you want the safe located. Contact us.

Is There Someone I can speak to to get advice? Yes, contact us on 08 18 252 500 and we can answer your query. We are here to help!

How Long Does Delivery Take?

We will contact you as soon as your order is placed. Once your order is in stock, delivery should take 5 to 10 working days.

Do you supply a guarantee with each safe? Yes, all safes come with manufacturers 12 month guarantee.

What is the difference between a Fire Safe & a Data Safe? Paper and data combust at different temperatures, with paper combusting at 177°C and data corrupting at just 52°C. Magnetic data storage devices are sensitive, easily damaged and susceptible to low levels of heat or humidity.

Manufacturers recommend the following guidelines for maximum exposure

For heat items must not exceed 52°C
For humidity items must not exceed 85%

Fire safes are not suitable for protecting data due to the different temperatures at which paper and data are damaged. Data safes are also designed to keep the inside of the safe below 85% humidity, preventing damage from moisture

Where is the serial number of my safe? Serial numbers are generally found on the outside of the safe; usually on the left side in the top right corner, on a silver or white sticker.

Where is the model / series number of my safe located? Model or series numbers are usually located on the front of the safe, generally on the safe fascia near to the lock.

How is the cash rating of a safe determined? The cash rating of a safe is determined using factors such as door and wall thickness, the quality of the lock and the standard of construction. High security graded safes are built to the construction standard required by their grade; the higher the grade, the higher the cash rating will be.

Cash ratings are approximate and may vary due to location and area conditions, please check with your underwriter.

What is the warranty period of a Phoenix Safe? Warranties vary by range and can be found on each product page. All Phoenix fire resistant products have a free lifetime ‘after the fire’ replacement warranty, and a full 2 year onsite materials and labour warranty.