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Phoenix Vela Deposit Home & Office SS0801 Size 1 Security Safe - with Electronic Lock

Have you been thinking about purchasing a safe online but aren’t sure what to buy? Are you looking for guidance on the most suitable type of safe for your security situation?

With our huge range of safes, you will be able to keep any valuables secure. Whether you are looking to add an extra layer of protection for your valuables at home with one of our home safes, or you are looking for an office safe for workplace valuables, has got just what you need.

You can purchase your safe online today and we will provide free delivery nationwide.

Before you buy your safe, here are some questions to ask when it comes to choosing the right safe for your needs:

  • What do you want to secure?
  • Which type of safe will be required?
  • What do you want protection from? (Usually burglary and fire).
  • What level of security will I need? This is relevant to your insurance cover.
  • What type of access will I require? Eg. key lock, key pad, ability to deposit money without opening the safe.
  • How much storage space will I require inside the safe?
  • Where will I locate my safe and can it be installed there.

To help you choose the right safe, we will go over the options in greater detail.

Home Safe or Business Safe?

Home Safes Online – Home Safes come in a variety of sizes, including smaller safes for individual members of the household. Besides valuables, home fire safes can protect birth certificates, wills, passports, and other important documents.

Business Safes Online – Business or Office Safes come in a range of sizes and formats to suit the various needs of business. Many businesses, including solicitors, schools, and doctors, benefit from fire-resistant and secure filing cabinets. For storing computers and money, hotels may offer laptop safes or security safes. Deposit safes for shopkeepers and fireproof data safes for offices are also popular.

It’s also important to consider the type of lock and access required. When several employees require access, a keypad may be more appropriate than keys.

What do you want to secure?

In order to choose an appropriate safe, make a list of what items you wish to store in it. Some of the most popular items are:

Cash – Burglars prefer cash as other items are harder to trace and therefore less valuable to them. In order to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage, you need to know how much cash your safe can hold.

Jewellery – To prevent scratches on jewellery, safes can be fitted with shelving and soft linings. Check the level of security required for jewellery by having it valued.

Documents – Make sure the safe has a fire rating that prevents documents from being damaged by fire.

Media – Tapes, discs and drives are also included in the fire ratings for protection in fire safes.

Guns – Specialist gun safes are available to accommodate a set number of firearms.

Keys – Secure key cabinets come in a range of sizes to accommodate large bunches and individual keys.

What do you want protection from?

Buying a safe is primarily for burglary and fire protection.

Although all safes provide some level of burglary protection, there are a variety of options available.

The insurance rating is a quick way to determine the level of security.

The level of protection provided by fireproof safes is also rated. Paper, digital media (eg hard drives, USB sticks, CDs) or magnetic media (eg film or tape) will determine what type of fire safe you need.

Types of Safes we provide:

Data Safes OnlineA data safe is an electronic storage device that secures tapes, CDs, DVDs, film stock, hard drives, USB drives, and other forms of electronic data. There is a fire rating on data safes, which indicates that the media is less likely to melt or be corrupted at a lower temperature.

Deposit Safes Online – You can deposit cash into a deposit safe at any time without having to open it. It’s popular in shops where the deposit slot prevents the contents from being fished out. As the depositor does not need to have the ability to open the safe, deposit safes also reduce the risk of attack.

Underfloor Safes Online – Underfloor safes are embedded in concrete floors. In addition to providing excellent security, they also provide excellent fire protection. In addition to being difficult to access, they are also extremely difficult to move. Water is a potential risk, particularly if they’re in a building that has a sprinkler system in case of a fire. A waterproof bag or container can be used to protect items from this problem.

Gun Safes Online – Secure storage of firearms is a legal requirement for anyone with firearms. There is a specified number of guns that can be stored in a wide range of our online gun safes. Likewise, ammunition should be stored securely. We also provide ammunition storage safes.

Home Safes Online – Safes for the home are designed to be easier to install than safes for the workplace. Locks and storage features suitable for domestic use are included. In the event of a fire or a burglary, home safes often include fire resistance. Since home safes have become more popular in recent years, technology has also improved, enabling a wider range of lightweight, secure safes to become more affordable.<

Hotel Safes Online – A hotel safe will come with a master override key or code to ensure the hotel owner can gain access if a visitor loses their key or forgets their combination. Laptops, passports, keys, and other valuables are commonly stored in hotel safes.

Key Cabinets Online – Our range of key cabinets come in a range of sizes to accommodate between 20 and 700 keys. Whereas floor safes are often secured to the floor, key cabinets are designed for wall mounting. Adjustable hook bars enable bunches keys to be stored.

High Security Safes Online – Security safes are characterized by their strength, construction, and locking mechanism. The insurance rating is a key guide to the level of security provided by a safe.

When it comes to buying a safe – you should view it as a long term buy. Understanding what is the most suitable safe is for your needs is important. If you need any further information or questions answered before you buy your safe online, call us on 0818 252 500

We will be happy to answer any questions you have to help you choose the right safe for you.

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