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Phoenix Data Commander DS4621 Size 1 Data Safe - Key Lock / Electronic Lock / Fingerprint Lock

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In today’s digital age, safeguarding your sensitive information and valuable data has never been more critical. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, you understand the importance of protecting your digital media and data from various threats such as fire, water, and theft. Phoenix Data Safes, available at, provide the perfect solution for this pressing need. With free nationwide doorstep delivery and adherence to rigorous UK and European standards for fire protection and security, these safes are a reliable choice for keeping your digital assets secure.

**Unparalleled Fire Protection**

Phoenix Data Safes are meticulously engineered to meet and exceed the stringent requirements for fire protection. The Phoenix Data Commander DS4621E, for instance, is designed to provide a large capacity fire protection solution for various types of digital media, including computer diskettes, tapes, USB sticks, and hard drives. This is especially crucial for commercial businesses that deal with significant data storage needs.
These safes are put to the test, literally, and have been certified to the Swedish NT Fire 017 – 120dis standard, which ensures 120 minutes of fire protection for your computer backup tapes. This extended fire-resistant period can make all the difference in the event of a fire, providing you with ample time to retrieve your data and media without compromising their integrity.

**Reliable Water Resistance**

Besides fire protection, Phoenix Data Safes also offer robust water resistance. Twin water-resistant seals create an airtight and watertight inner compartment for your computer media. This feature is especially valuable in the event of a fire, as the fire-fighting efforts may involve water, which could pose an additional threat to your data. With these safes, you can rest assured that your digital assets will remain unharmed even in the face of water damage.

**A Wide Range of Options** offers a diverse range of Phoenix Data Safes, ensuring that you can find the one that perfectly fits your requirements. These safes come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to select the one that suits your available space and aesthetics. Whether you need a compact safe for your home office or a larger one for your commercial business premises, there’s an option for you.
Moreover, provides a comprehensive selection of locks to choose from, allowing you to tailor your safe’s security to your specific needs. The range of locks includes keylocks, digital keypads, electronic combinations, and even fingerprint identification locks. This level of customization ensures that you can find the perfect balance between convenience and security.

**Phoenix Data Commander DS4621E Size 1 Data Safe with Electronic Lock**

As an example, the Phoenix Data Commander DS4621E is an ideal choice for those seeking ample storage capacity and electronic locking mechanisms. With dimensions of 1160x690x720mm, it offers generous space to store your digital media securely.


In an era where digital data is often more valuable than physical assets, safeguarding your digital media and data is paramount. Phoenix Data Safes from provide a comprehensive solution, offering certified fire protection, water resistance, a range of sizes and styles, and versatile locking mechanisms. With the convenience of free nationwide doorstep delivery, protecting your digital assets has never been easier or more reliable. Don’t leave the safety of your data to chance – choose Phoenix Data Safes for peace of mind in the face of potential threats.

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