Phoenix Venus High Security Safes

Introducing the Phoenix Venus High Security Safes: Ultimate Protection for Home and Office

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable possessions and crucial documents, compromise is not an option. The Phoenix Venus High Security Safes, starting at just €486.99 plus VAT with Free Doorstep Delivery from, offer top-tier security and peace of mind. These high security safes are engineered for both home and office use, these safes are a perfect blend of strength, reliability, and advanced security features.

Safes with unmatched Security Protection

The Phoenix Venus HS0670 Series is designed with an unwavering focus on security. Each safe in this series is rigorously tested to meet the prestigious European EN1143-1 Security standard, achieving Grade 0 certification. This ensures a highly reliable protection level with a recommended insurance rating of €9,000 for cash or €90,000 for valuables on all safes. Whether you are storing cash, important documents, jewelry, or other high-value items, you can trust these safes to provide unparalleled security.

Safes with robust Locking Mechanism

Security is not just about strong walls; it’s also about the locking mechanism. The Phoenix Venus safes are equipped with a high-security double bitted VdS class I key lock. This advanced locking system is designed to resist tampering and unauthorized access, providing an additional layer of security to your stored items.

Versatile Fixing Options on all Safes

To ensure that your safe is secure and immovable, the Phoenix Venus safes come ready-prepared for both floor and wall fixing. With fixing bolts suitable for concrete floors or brick walls included (except for the HS0674 model, which is designed for floor fixing only), you can easily install your safe in the most secure and convenient location in your home or office.

Safes with Superior Construction

Durability and strength are at the core of the Phoenix Venus design. The safes feature a three-way live locking system with 24mm polished bolts, ensuring that the door is firmly secured on all sides. The multi-layered 24mm thick wall construction and the 10mm thick solid steel laser-cut door, complemented by internal hinges, create an impenetrable fortress for your valuables. This robust construction makes the Phoenix Venus safes exceptionally resilient against physical attacks.

Additional Security Features on all Safes

For those who require even more security, the HS0674 model comes with a special feature: an internal lockable coffer. This additional compartment within the safe provides extra security for your most sensitive items, and it comes with two keys.

Elegant and Durable Finish on all Safes

A safe should not only be strong but also look good in any setting. The Phoenix Venus safes are finished in a high-quality scratch-resistant white paint (RAL9003). This elegant finish ensures that your safe will maintain its clean, professional appearance over time, blending seamlessly into any home or office décor.

GDPR Compliance

In today’s world, maintaining GDPR compliance is crucial for businesses. The Phoenix Venus safes help you achieve this by keeping your company’s vital and important records secure and protected from unauthorized access and potential breaches.


The Phoenix Venus High Security Safes from offer exceptional security and peace of mind for both residential and commercial use. Starting at just €486.99 plus VAT with free doorstep delivery, these safes are an excellent investment in the protection of your valuable possessions and important documents. With their rigorous security standards, robust construction, and elegant design, the Phoenix Venus safes are the ultimate choice for anyone looking to enhance their security measures at home or in the office.

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