Protect Your Valuables with Fire Safes from Free Nationwide Delivery!

Phoenix Fire Safes
Protect Your Valuables with Fire Safes from Free Nationwide Delivery!

What is a Fire Safe?

A fire safe is specifically engineered to safeguard your valuables from the heat and smoke generated by fires. By maintaining an internal temperature below the point of combustion for items like paper and digital media, fire safes provide crucial protection. This makes them essential for storing irreplaceable items such as jewelry, important documents, and digital media. The peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe from both fire and burglary is invaluable.

Types of Fire Safes

Fire safes come in various forms, each designed to offer different levels of protection:
1. **Fire Safes for Paper**: These safes are ideal for important paper documents such as birth certificates, wills, house deeds, and business contracts. They ensure that the internal temperature does not exceed 175°C, which is the combustion point for paper.
2. **Fire Safes for Data**: These are tailored to protect digital media like CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, and hard drives. Since digital media is more susceptible to heat damage, these safes maintain an internal temperature below 52°C for computer data and 120°C for other digital media.
3. **Data Combi Safes**: These safes combine the features of both fire safes for paper and data, offering compartments with additional insulation to store digital media safely alongside paper documents.
4. **Waterproof Fire Safes**: Phoenix’s Titan Aqua range not only protects against fire but also water damage, which is crucial in cases where sprinkler systems or fire hoses might be used.

Understanding Fire Ratings

The fire rating of a safe indicates its resistance to fire, measured through rigorous testing. Phoenix fire safes adhere to various standards:
– **NT Fire 017-60 Paper**: Heated to 945°C for 1 hour.
– **NT Fire 017-90 Paper**: Heated to 1050°C for 90 minutes.
– **NT Fire 017-120 Dis**: For data, heated to 1090°C for 2 hours.
– **EN 1047-120 Dis**: A comprehensive test heating the safe to over 1100°C for 2 hours, including a drop test and magnetic radiation test to ensure data integrity.

Sizing and Security Considerations

When selecting a fire safe, it’s important to account for the reduced internal space due to thick, fire-resistant walls. Ensure the internal dimensions meet your storage needs and consider opting for a larger safe to accommodate future valuables.
Fire safes also contribute to lowering insurance premiums, as higher fire ratings denote greater security, making your items less risky to insure.

Fire Safes Locking Options

Fire safes come with various locking mechanisms to suit different security preferences:
– **Key Locks**: Traditional and reliable, though it’s crucial to store the keys securely.
– **Electronic Keypads**: Offer convenience and the ability to change codes as needed, with a low battery warning system.
– **Fingerprint Locks**: Provide biometric security, storing up to 128 fingerprints, also with a low battery alert.
– **Dual Locks**: Require two codes, ideal for shared access between two people.
– **Changeable Locks**: Allow for easy replacement of the lock if necessary without replacing the entire safe.

Installation Tips for All Safes

Proper installation is key to maximizing the protection offered by a fire safe. Many safes can be bolted to the floor or wall, but it’s essential to ensure that this does not compromise the safe’s fire protection capabilities. Consider the structure of your flooring, especially if it is wooden, as this can affect the safe’s security during a fire.

Free Nationwide Delivery with offers a comprehensive range of fire safes, catering to various needs and preferences. With free nationwide doorstep delivery, securing your valuables has never been easier. For more information or to make a purchase, call Dublin at 0818252500. Invest in a fire safe today and ensure your most valuable possessions are protected from both fire and theft.

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