The Ultimate Solution for Key Storage: Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe

Phoenix Cygnus Key Deposit Safe KS0036E 700 Hook with Electronic Lock

The Ultimate Solution for Key Storage: Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe

When it comes to securing keys for homes, offices, schools, garages, and office blocks, the Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe stands out as a superior choice. Available from, this key deposit safe offers unparalleled security and convenience, surpassing traditional key cabinets in every aspect. Here’s a detailed look at why the Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe is the best investment for safeguarding your keys.

Unmatched Capacity

With a capacity of up to 700 key hooks, the Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe ensures that you can store a substantial number of keys in an organized and secure manner. This makes it ideal for various settings, from residential to commercial properties, where managing multiple keys efficiently is crucial.

Advanced Security Features

Electronic Locking System

The key safe is fitted with an advanced electronic locking system that is user-friendly and highly secure. The anti-tamper and bounce solenoid locking system adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Key Override Facility

For added peace of mind, the Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe comes with a key override facility. In case the electronic code is misplaced, you can still access your keys using the two supplied override keys.

Robust Construction

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, the Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe is built to withstand attempts at forced entry. The concealed hinges and twin live locking bolts further enhance its security, making it a formidable barrier against burglars.

Exceptional Design

Wall Mounting

The Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe is designed for easy wall mounting. It comes ready-prepared with fixing bolts, ensuring a secure installation. When bolted to a wall, this safe provides an excellent defense against theft, particularly of car keys, house keys, and office keys.

Key Deposit Slot

One of the standout features of this key safe is the key deposit slot (55H x 35W x 15Dmm). This slot allows for keys to be deposited without needing to open the safe, adding an extra layer of convenience and security.

High-Quality Finish

The key safe is finished in a high-quality scratch-resistant paint (RAL9003 White), ensuring it remains in pristine condition even with regular use.

User-Friendly Features

Key Tags

To keep your keys organized, the Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe is supplied with a selection of colored key rings. This small but significant feature enhances the usability of the safe, making it easier to manage and locate keys quickly.


For anyone looking for a reliable and robust key storage solution, the Phoenix Cygnus Key Safe from is the ultimate choice. Its combination of advanced security features, durable construction, and user-friendly design makes it superior to traditional key cabinets. Secure your keys with the Phoenix Cygnus and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your keys are protected against theft and unauthorized access.

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