Secure Your Valuables with Phoenix Underfloor Safes from

Phoenix Charon (12″ Round Door) UF0973KD Underfloor €20,000 cash Insurance Rating Safe with Key Lock and Deposit Facility

Secure Your Valuables with Phoenix Underfloor Safes from

When it comes to safeguarding your most precious possessions, hidden security is paramount. This is where underfloor safes truly shine, providing a discreet and highly secure solution. At, we offer a comprehensive range of Phoenix Underfloor Safes designed to meet your highest security needs. Plus, we provide Free Nationwide Doorstep Delivery! For inquiries, call our Free Phone number at 0818252500.

Why Choose Underfloor Safes?

Underfloor safes are expertly concealed, making them a less obvious target for burglars. Beyond their hidden nature, these safes offer robust protection due to their sturdy construction and advanced locking mechanisms. Ideal for both cash and valuables, underfloor safes are a trusted choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

The Phoenix Charon (Round Door) Underfloor Safe

One standout in our collection is the Phoenix Charon (Round Door) UF0973KD underfloor safe. This model has been meticulously engineered to provide top-tier security while remaining hidden beneath your floor.

Key Features:

The Charon underfloor safe is a compact 12-inch cube that offers substantial insurance ratings:

  • up to €20,000 cash cover
  • up to €200,000 cover for valuables

Security is assured with a high-security double-bitted VdS Class I key-lock, supplied with two keys.

The door is a fortress of protection:

  • 45mm thick high-quality stainless steel
  • Copper laminate sandwiched between two 15mm stainless steel layers for ABP protection
  • Hardened dowels and balls shield moving parts
  • A hardened 6mm backplate ensures maximum resistance to attacks

Durability is guaranteed with:

  • 6mm mild steel tube neck (6 inches high)
  • 10mm thick mild steel top plate
  • 2mm thick mild steel body
  • 3mm thick mild steel base
  • All components feature continuously welded seams for ultimate strength

A fully flocked interior provides a plush environment to protect your valuables from scratches and other damage.

Installation is straightforward with clear instructions to securely fit the safe into a solid concrete floor.

An attractive red paint finish ensures your safe looks as good as it performs.


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