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Welcome to Safesonline.ie 

Safesonline.ie supplies homes and varied businesses across Ireland with high security safes, fireproof safes and cabinets, and specialist cashier deposit safes.

We are Ireland’s largest online stockist of Phoenix Safes.

Safesonline.ie is one of Ireland’s top online suppliers of home safes and commercial office safes. We also supply a range of hotel safes, luxury safes and medical drug safes. Our range of online safes can be delivered and installed throughout Ireland, including all major cities including Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast and surrounding counties.

Do you need a particular-size cashier deposit safe or a high-quality fireproof data safe? Our range of safes are tested to European standards for fire protection and security.

For any further information, call us today at 0818 252 500

Home Safes Ireland

It’s important to consider your specific needs and the level of security required when choosing a home safe. Safesonline.ie offer a wide range of quality home safes from leading brands such as Phoenix Safes. We offer fire-resistant safes, floor safes, wall safes, data safes, biometric safes, and gun safes. Free delivery nationwide on all home safes across Ireland.

Office & Commercial Safes Ireland

Commercial office safes are designed to meet the security needs of businesses and organisations. At Safesonline.ie, we can provide secure storage for valuable assets, important documents, cash, and sensitive data. Our range of commercial office safes includes high-security safes, data safes, drop safes, cash management safes and fireproof safes.

Fireproof Safes & Fire Resistant Safes Ireland

We stock a wide range of Phoenix Fireproof Safes and Fire Resistant Safes to protect your data, paperwork, and valuables. We stock fireproof safes and cabinets for paper, Fire Chests and Fireproof Safes for Data Media.

In today’s evolving landscape, safeguarding your most vital documents has become more important than ever before. With banks in Ireland returning title deeds to homeowners, the responsibility of protecting these significant documents now lies squarely on your shoulders. Thankfully, at SafesOnline.ie, we have the perfect solution to ensure the safety and security of your invaluable assets – our range of top-notch fireproof safes.

Owning a fireproof safe is not just a wise decision; it is practically essential in the modern era. Our specially designed safes offer unmatched protection, capable of withstanding high temperatures, thus guaranteeing your title deeds and other precious items remain intact even in the unfortunate event of a fire. A fireproof safe acts as a personal fortress in your home, a sanctuary where your vital documents are kept secure, shielded from the unpredictable perils of fire.

As guardians of your peace of mind, we invite you to explore our collection of fireproof safes, where durability meets reliability. In this uncertain time, allow us to provide you with a dependable solution, a veritable vault where you can store not just your title deeds, but a myriad of valuable possessions, from heirlooms to vital business documents.

Invest in a fireproof safe today, and step into a safer tomorrow with SafesOnline.ie, your trusted partner in safeguarding what matters most. Because when it comes to protecting your future, no measure is too great.

Drug & Medical Safes Ireland

Safesonline.ie offer a range of drug and medical safes as secure storage solutions designed to safely store medications, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. These medical safes and medical lockers are commonly used in healthcare facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, veterinary clinics, and even in homes where medication security is necessary.

Data Safes Ireland

Safesonline ie supply data safes, also known as data cabinets or data vaults, which are secure storage solutions designed to protect sensitive electronic data, such as computer hard drives, backup tapes, USB drives, and other media containing valuable or confidential information. These safes are commonly used in businesses, government organisations, financial institutions, and data centres.

Key Safes Ireland

Safesonline.ie offer a range of key safes, also known as key cabinets or key lockboxes, which are secure storage solutions designed to safely store and manage keys. They are commonly used in various settings such as homes, businesses, hotels, rental properties, car dealerships, and real estate agencies. We also stock the Phoenix Palm Smart Key Safe ideal for guest houses or Airbnb’s.

Gun Safes & Gun Cabinets Ireland

Gun safes and gun cabinets are secure storage solutions designed specifically to safely store firearms and ammunition. They are essential for responsible gun ownership and are commonly used by firearm owners to ensure access control and to prevent accidents and misuse.

Phoenix Safes Ireland

Safesonline.ie carry a wide range of Phoenix Safes – a company that specialises in quality security and storage solutions, including high-security safes, security cabinets, and lockers. They offer various types of safes designed to protect valuables, documents, cash, and other important items. Phoenix Safes is known for its commitment to quality, security, and innovation in the field of safe manufacturing.