Phoenix Size 1 Cube Locker with Combination / Key / Electronic Lock. – CL0344AAK, CL0344AAC, CL0344AAE, CL0344BBK, CL0344BBC, CL0344BBE, CL0344RRK, CL0344RRC, CL0344RRE, CL0344GGK, CL0344GGC, CL0344GGE

From 80.49 to 186.18 excluding VAT

THE PHOENIX CL SERIES CUBE LOCKERS are available in 4 sizes & 4 colours. Designed to provide secure storage for personal items, making them ideal for use at home, in the office, at gyms, schools as well as in Industrial or commercial workplaces.

  • SYSTEM – Modular system allows for the lockers to be fixed together to form a stack or block of lockers.